Disney files patent for robotic storage devices.

The diagram of the locker shown alongside image of Disney World
This week, Disney files a patent for ‘robotic storage devices’ for guests coming to the park. Source: Fox 35 Orlando

Disney files a patent for robotic storage devices that would allow guests to summon a locker to arrive at their exact location in the park.

According to rumors this week, Disney has applied for a patent for “robotic storage devices,” sometimes known as mobile lockers, for its theme parks. The main benefit of this would be that visitors may use their smartphones to request a locker when necessary. The device would specifically be delivered to the visitor’s precise location in the park or to a predetermined area at the venue.

According to the patent, these mobile lockers would have a tracking and monitoring feature. Additionally, it can even be operated remotely at a monitoring station by specified company employees. A proximity sensor would be another component of these robotic lockers. In order to prevent potential collisions or accidents, this would make it possible to detect a person or a vehicle close. It would ensure that visitors would benefit more from it than it would disrupt the event unnecessarily.

The design proposes that this mobile locker would have a storage compartment with a specific locking system for the park visitors to safely store their priceless belongings. Additionally, it would involve the availability of an insulated compartment for guests to store items like cold drinks, baby milk, and other items that need to be kept cool.

The goal of Disney Inc. was to make these futuristic robotic storage systems very practical for park visitors. Essentially, this would spare visitors from having to make the long trek across Disney’s sprawling theme parks to get their belongings from a park-located locker station. They anticipate that this new addition will not only considerably reduce the unneeded chaos but also ensure that visitors to the park enjoy a pleasant experience.

It is not surprising that these lockers have been in demand for a long given their numerous features that would make visitors to parks much easier. When fully completed, it will appear as though a “robotic sherpa” is carrying guests’ priceless possessions to them when they go to a theme park.

Soon, guests to Disney’s theme parks will be able to use their smartphones to call up these lockers at the same place as themselves. They would be able to do so easily and without having to travel far on foot to store their belongings and retrieve them at the end of the visit.

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