A man who lost his phone in a river uses social media to help him find it.

lost iphone recovered

Social media helps a man get his phone back which got lost in a river.

How frequently do you recover a phone that was submerged in water? Very little right In a miraculous turn of events, a man who lost his iPhone in a river over a year ago was able to retrieve it. How? utilizing social media.

A man by the name of Owain Davis and his fiancée Fiona Gardner, who is from Edinburgh, went canoeing in August 2021. Fiona made the decision to stand up when they were paddling in a two-person canoe, which caused both of them to tumble from the canoe.

Owain told BBC that he knew the phone had sprung out of his back pocket the second he entered the water.

A few months after the occurrence, a Gloucestershire, South West England-based Facebook member by the name of Miggy Ps wrote in a local Facebook group about finding an iPhone while canoeing in the Wye River.

Given that it was filled with water and had been underwater for a while, he believed that the phone was of no use.

Nevertheless, he brought the phone inside to dry it. He charged the phone the following day, and much to his astonishment, it was still functional.

The screensaver displayed the date as August 13 and featured a picture of a couple (Owain Davis and Fiona Gardner).

Miggy Ps went out on a quest to track out the phone’s legitimate owners and return it to them. On the Facebook page for the Cinder Noticeboard group, he uploaded images of the gadget and screensaver.

The post was amplified by thousands of people who were a part of the group because it was shared approximately 4000 times.

Owain Davis expressed his admiration for Miguel’s efforts to assist him in recovering his phone to the BBC.

Miguel told BBC Radio Gloucestershire that he tried to dry the phone before locating the proper owner because it probably contained a lot of precious memories.

He continued by saying that he would want his phone back if he lost it because it included numerous images of his kids.

Every year, a lot of situations like this arise where social media comes to the rescue. However, following this occurrence, internet users are obsessing on a single query: How long will an iPhone continue to work if it is submerged in water?

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